Beautiful, purpose-built emission-free food collection workhorses.



Built in Proffer workshop
Berhampore, Wellington


August-December 2016


The Free Store
New World Thorndon
Mavis & Osborn


Every weekday our committed, hard-working volunteers walk around Wellington's inner-city collecting surplus food from 65 different eateries. There are four collection routes, two volunteers per route. One of the things that makes Wellington amazing is it's compact CBD. Everything is in walkable distance! That means we don't need gas guzzling vehicles to do our redistribution work, we can use regular ol' supermarket trolleys. This cuts down massively on emissions and costs!


Design features:

  • Regular wheels replaced with inflatable tyres for noise reduction, greater pivot and easier pushing
  • Tray welded onto bottom of trolley for extra storage
  • Frame reinforced with extra steel for strength
  • Ash wood handle
  • Waterproof canvas wraps to protect food from elements
  • Adjustable shelves inside the trolley
  • Cut-outs in shelving, wrap and under-tray for airflow and to prevent food crumb build-up
  • Removable branding and sponsorship boards
  • Powder-coated steel frames
  • Clear compartments for pick-up schedules and maps
  • Utility belt on rear of canvas for rubber gloves, plastic bags and info flyers

After the generous folk over at New World Thorndon donated four supermarket trolleys we worked with Proffer - a local industrial design company - to create beautiful, purpose-built, functional workhorses. Proffer use the design process to solve problems with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, craftsmanship and a flare for experimentation. They collaborated with Mavis & Osborn to create hefty canvas wraps that transformed these trolleys into brand new creations. We are thrilled with the product they have created for us. They are both sturdy and pleasing to the eye! Our volunteers can now be proud as punch to push these beauties around the city each day.