The Free Store is a movement worth spreading.



Palmerston North
Hawkes Bay
Lower Hutt




We truly believe that The Free Store 'concept' is simple, beautiful and replicable. It can be implemented in any town or city with surplus food and a hard-working community willing to redistribute it to those in need. We have seen The Free Store movement spread throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand and we are immensely proud.

We are a movement, not a franchise.

We are not a 'franchise' so much as we are a 'movement' of connected communities with a shared kaupapa/vision. We don't go and 'set up' Free Stores in other communities. We work tirelessly to equip and empower local communities to implement Free Store values in their unique context. It's all about local ownership, because those on the ground know what is best for their people. Every Free Store is a little bit different but founded on shared principles.

If there is group of committed neighbours in any given location who could catalyse around this movement we can share all the relevant wisdom and resources to fast-track implementation.

You can contact Benjamin to talk more.