Advocacy Training Day 2017

This Easter Monday around fifteen passionate young people gathered together to ask some challenging but necessary questions...

What does it mean to live justly?
What is the 'empire' we live under and how can we live differently?
What is my relationship to the suffering and marginalised?
How can we inhabit uncomfortable spaces for the sake of personal transformation?
How can we tell stories of hope that challenge and empower others to live differently?
How do we tell these stories well?
How do we tell these stories with utmost respect for our friends who largely go unseen and unheard?

I was really encouraged by the willingness to engage honestly with these tough questions. Especially those questions that pertain to our own integrity on the journey of personal transformation. Thank you for having open hearts.

For those that missed the sessions, or for those who would like to recap, here are recordings and resources from the day.

Session One: A Vision of Justice

Session Two: Just Living

Session Three: Media Advocacy Strategy

Session Four: Code of Ethics

Session Five: Media Culture & Wrap-Up